Since 2009 our SARMAN search management solution has been used successfully on thousands of searches. Today, our latest SARMAN Enterprise Suite provides a fully integrated online/offline search management solution for Web Windows and Mobile. Released in 2023, it is already in use with search organisations and government agencies. It is the first of its kind to provide a fully resilient solution to search management on all platforms.

This unique solution provides:

  • Full search management based on proven experience and professional input.
  • An evolution from the successful SARMAN package used on thousands of searches in the UK and abroad, by Police, MOD, SAR Professionals and Proven in Court and Hearings.
  • Cloud and local mirrored search databases with full failover to permit planned and unplanned communication outages.
  • Simultaneous connectivity between multiple users and platforms allowing for full concurrent data entry and sharing.
  • Incident sharing with non-system users, with dynamic updates to allow for multi-user/agency interoperability.
  • Quick share link auto-deactivation after 24 hours.
  • Full continual ‘black-box’ data recording.
  • Full GB and open maps for world-wide use.
  • Fully integrated with existing solutions.
  • For web, Windows and iOS, with Android under development.
  • Online knowledge base with modular AI video tutorials, to allow flexible and comprehensive user training.
  • Already in use with SAR teams.
  • Currently being implemented with Maritime Coastguard Agency and Police Forces.
  • Drone interface and enhanced tracking modules being developed.

The ability of our team to respond effectively and timely is vital. Using the suite of products available from 3SGroup, allows the Search Management team to get “boots on the ground” ahead of the arrival of the Incident Command Unit with a combination of web and mobile phone based applications. High risk missing people have been located during this phase ahead of the arrival of the Incident Control Van, something simply never possible beforehand.

Nathan Davis, SULSAR

SARMAN Enterprise has been a game changer, as it now allows a search planner to begin the planning of an incident from anywhere. As soon as the team arrive and the computer is switched on, the initial planning, briefings and maps are available to the search parties.

Jon Mossman, MônSAR

We have been users of SARMAN for many years prior to going over to the enterprise solution.  The software has been instrumental in the Team saving a number of lives during this time, so when the Enterprise solution came along it seemed completely natural to us to engage with it.  Within days we knew this was the right choice. 

Neil Balderson, NSAR


ICU-Hub is a stand-alone web-based solution to aid in location, communication, and recovery of casualties on land and sea. Integrating our phone location solution (MX Locate) with our search and rescue software suite (MX SARMAN), agencies can use a casualty’s phone number to ping their location with the casualty’s permission and establish communication to aid in their rescue. With multiple language translation capability, instant messaging and live video function, the ICU-Hub solution archives all incident data into a log for subsequent review.

Key features include:

  • Operators locate screen with pre-determined or custom messages.
  • Phone number format auto-check.
  • Multiple language translation capability.
  • Monitoring of casualty responses.
  • Location and tracking of phone after initial contact.
  • Determination of accuracy of data.
  • Access to casualty phone video and camera rotation.
  • Sharing of data between operators.
  • Storing of all data to log.
  • Full mapping and tracking capability.
  • Full archiving and retrieval features.
  • Already in use with the Maritime Coastguard Agency.
  • Already proven to save lives.
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