Search Management


MX SARMAN is our search management solution. It originated in 2009 and has evolved into a fully integrated search management platform in use with Police, MOD, Mountain & Lowland Rescue Teams. It is used for missing person, crime and counter terrorist searches in the UK and abroad.

ICU-Hub is a stand-alone web-based solution to aid in location, communication, and recovery of casualties on land and sea. Integrating our phone location solution (MX Locate) with our search and rescue software suite (MX SARMAN), agencies can use a casualty’s phone number to ping their location with the casualty’s permission, and establish communication to aid in their rescue.

Tracking For Expeditions


As the only DofE recommended solution since 2012, we use our expertise to provide a tracking solution, to monitor for safety, and to locate in an emergency.

Our 3S Group emergency support team are experienced Search and Rescue practitioners and instructors. Originally developed for Search and Rescue operations, now used by the MCA (UK Coastguard), Police, MOD, and by Search and Rescue Teams, we are a trusted provider of search and tracking software.



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Two-way satellite communicators, which can be integrated with our software, provide a professional solution for lone workers and adventurers.


We are an innovative technology company specialising in developing software solutions that protect and save lives. Our solutions, with origins dating back to 2009 have been used in the UK and internationally on thousands of searches, events and expeditions.

We were the first to market with a comprehensive search management solution branded MX SARMAN and integrate an asset tracking solution. Our solutions truly make a difference and are focused on the preservation of life and closure.

The development of new solutions continues to evolve, and we pride ourselves in being positively responsive to meet our clients’ requirements guided by our directors’ experience in delivering solutions to a global marketplace. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our Clients and enhance their business objectives with refined or new solutions.

3SG’s core solutions are focused on delivering Search Management and Tracking solutions.

In the field of search management our successful MX SARMAN software has been developed into an Enterprise Suite covering web, windows and mobile applications; another first of kind and in use with multiple agencies including the Maritime Coastguard Agency, Police Forces and the Volunteer Rescue Services.

In the field of Tracking, we were recognised by the Duke of Edinburgh Award and have been their sole recommended partner since 2012 and aided in the protection of thousands of expedition participants.

We are proud to work with our eminent clients and know that our solutions are actively used to save and protect lives on a daily basis. We are the 3SGroup.