MX SARMAN is our search management solution. It originated in 2009 and has evolved into a fully integrated search management platform in use with Police, MOD, Mountain & Lowland Rescue Teams.

It is used for missing person, crime and counter terrorist searches in UK and abroad.



MX Tracker has been utilised throughout the world for tracking people and assets using satellite, radio and mobile technology.

We are the sole recommended partner to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and suppliers to the Ministry of Defence and Rescue Teams.

risk management


MX VPRS is our risk management solution. Originally designed at client request for a flood response system and more recently used during the COVID pandemic for welfare assessments.

Our solutions are used for disaster management relief, such as floods, storms, forest fires or personnel management.

mobile solutions


MX Mobile is a suite of solutions including mapping, search, tracking and risk management tools complementing our main platforms.

Our mobile solutions deliver seamless communications with our pc and web-based platforms meeting client demands in all application environments.

bespoke solutions


We deliver bespoke solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Typical client projects include tracking portals, specialist software and consultancy including safety cover for events and training courses.

Comprehensive training is available for all of our solutions.

Our primary solutions are founded on our MX platform, an industry proven software with years of credibility delivering efficiency and function to meet client demands. Our solutions have been selected by some of the most eminent organisations to assist in their operations.

We supply solutions to the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Mountain & Lowland Rescue, Educational Establishments, Councils, Government Departments and Private Companies.