Northamptonshire Search and Rescue were recently able to fully take advantage of the remote planning aspect of the SARMAN Enterprise suite. A team member away in Norway completed initial planning remotely using SARMAN Enterprise software; team members then used the mobile app whilst the control vehicle was on the way. This saved precious time before the team arrived on site in Northamptonshire.

Their post on Northamptonshire Search and Rescue Facebook page, on 11th September, reads: ‘Today the team were called to assist in a missing person search in the early hours of the morning. Many things came into play today. The team has now utilised new software, which meant one member currently in Norway was able to remotely plan before the control vehicle arrived on site saving time.

Deploying dogs, foot teams and drones, 19 members were searching as the days heat began to rise. At approximately 9.30 the drone spotter reported a potential sighting, and utilising the craft was able to zoom in to confirm identify. Once confirmed, the craft was hovered and assisted in guiding in ground foot teams. The casualty was treated and handed over for definitive care.

Not content with this, whilst returning to base, members came across an RTC and a heavily injured casualty. They immediately stopped to provide assistance and medical care from our FREC responders before emergency services arrived. Approximate 100 person hours utilised. A special thanks to Tesco Mereway for donating water and ice lollies to the team in the heat.’

A great example of use of the SARMAN Enterprise suite on multiple devices and sharing incident data internationally within an organisation, to coordinate a successful response. Congratulations to the Team.