MX Map Mobile is the application that forms part of the suite of products offered by 3SGroup Ltd. and uses your GPS to determine your location.

This product includes mapping data licensed from Ordnance Survey with the permission of HMSO. © Crown copyright and/or database right 2006. All rights reserved. License number 100045815.

The Software is owned by 3SGroup Ltd and is protected by United Kingdom copyright laws and international treaty Provisions.

The User may not distribute any part of the software to any third party.

The User agrees to use 3SGroup Ltd Systems in a manner consistent with safe and prudent navigation practices.

The user shall always provide alternative means of navigation, and shall not rely on the Software in any role that is critical to the safety of life or property.

The User agrees not to use Mapyx Systems while in control of any moving vehicle. No part of the Software is to be reverse-engineered, decompiled or disassembled.