The 3S Group training team headed to the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Fareham at the beginning of the month, for a week of training the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) on the use of the new SARMAN Enterprise system.

Formally launched in September this year, the SARMAN Enterprise suite provides a fully integrated online/offline search management solution for web, Windows and mobile. It is the first of its kind to provide a fully resilient solution to search management on all platforms. 3S Group solutions have already been used extensively by the MCA in the fields of search and rescue, and the SARMAN Enterprise suite is the latest iteration of the SARMAN system, which integrates pioneering features for quick sharing of live incident data, full failover for unplanned comms outages, and dynamic updates for multi-agency data sharing.

In-person training at the centre is to be consolidated with a certificated online learning package, recently launched for use by Search & Rescue teams, and other professional agencies. This online training provides a comprehensive knowledge base, comprising content including AI video tutorials and modular tests.

It is through a close relationship with the MCA that 3S Group have targeted development of system features to meet the needs of the ever-changing challenges faced by the Coastguard in the areas of casualty location, communication, and rescue. Our systems are continually enhanced by listening to the needs of users including Search & Rescue teams, as well as the MCA and other agencies, and by integrating experience in the field with systems knowledge, to create efficient, professional solutions. Working closely with these agencies, and providing in-person training as well as access to the new online knowledge base, ensures that staff and volunteers get the most out of our systems and the enhanced features that they provide.