Our expertise is in Search, Systems and Software.

Search – we developed and utilise our MX SARMAN search solutions; we are not just designers, but practitioners and instructors.

Systems – we develop robust and useable systems to solve client issues. We pride ourselves in our responsive and proactive service.

Software – we develop software that is functional and can be used with the minimum of training.

3S Group solutions are for professional users, whereas our sister company Mapyx delivers solutions to the personal user market. Our directors experience is founded in delivering project and programme management in engineering, surveying and software solutions into a global marketplace. They are actively involved in providing advice, consultancy and operational search management and tracking in the UK and internationally.

Our Client’s work is often about preservation, protection, investigation and safety of life; we do not publicise specific details. However our solutions are in daily usage on a range of diverse matters from tracking and protection of DofE / MOD / SAR groups to a range of police investigations from missing person enquiries to counter terrorism operations to name but a few.

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