ICU-Hub is a stand-alone web-basedsolution to aid in location, communication, and recovery of casualties on land and sea. Integrating our phone location solution (MX Locate) with our search and rescue software suite (MX SARMAN), agencies can use a casualty’s phone number to ping their location with the casualty’s permission and establish communication to aid in their rescue. With multiple language translation capability, instant messaging and live video function, the ICU-Hub solution archives all incident data into a log for subsequent review.

Key features include:

  • Operators locate screen with pre-determined or custom messages.
  • Phone number format auto-check.
  • Mulitple language translation capability.
  • Monitoring of casualty responses.
  • Location and tracking of phone after initial contact.
  • Determination of accuracy of data.
  • Access to casualty phone video and camera rotation.
  • Sharing of data between operators.
  • Storing of all data to log.
  • Full mapping and tracking capability.
  • Full archiving and retrieval features.
  • Already in use with the Maritime Coastguard Agency.
  • Already proven to save lives.

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