3S Group announces a strategic partnership with ZOLEO, to enhance seamless connectivity in the search and rescue, educational, and professional industries

3S Group are delighted to have partnered with ZOLEO to integrate seamless global communication into its existing software solutions in use with Maritime Coastguard Agency, Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Mountain, Lowland and Cave Rescue, Educational Establishments, Councils, Government Departments and private Companies.

This partnership will allow the unique capability of ZOLEO, to transmit messages via satellite, mobile network and wi-fi, to enhance 3S Group’s existing capabilities to provide uninterrupted connectivity for adventurers and professionals anywhere on the planet.

ZOLEO has had great success across the US, Canada and Australia, providing an accessible, affordable solution to consumers, outdoor recreation users and lone workers.  Connected to the Iridium network, ZOLEO offers unmatched connectivity, pole-to-pole, using a Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation which provides stronger signals, better coverage and faster connections than most satellite providers.

Currently integrated within the 3S Group tracking solutions, with further integration of messaging functionality planned, this will deliver true global tracking and communication to deliver improved safety and oversight.

Initially, the target market is DofE Leaders to improve two-way in-field communications and tracking capability, with further developments focussed on corporate and search and rescue markets.

3S Group have been the sole recommended supplier to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for the past 12 years and this partnership is a further step in advancing safety and communication to Leaders.